Adsense Account Approved 1000% Working Method

There are many peoples I have seen on social media purchasing Adsense account just because they think It's very tough to get adsense approved. So please stop buying useless adsense account because most of that google adsense accounts are works fine in earlier days but after few month they get disable or banned for no reason. If you really want to get adsense account approved without doing hard work and without even wasting money. So follow below steps:

How to get adsense account approved on Blogger:

Guys, don't think that google will not approved your application if you are free hosting such as blogger. So I would like to tell you that it doesn't matter which platform you are using all google wants is google unique contents that's all, even they don't approve application based on traffic. Yes, they want custom domain. So you need to buy domain from Godaddy and then Connect that domain to blogger account for hosting.

Things which are required to get adsense approved:

1. Unique Contents
2. Blog Look
3. No Other Ads on Blog while applying for Adsense
4. Custom TLD (Top level Domain)
5. Little Hard Work 

If you can Invest your hard work in these things then you will definitely get adsense approved without any issue. Below you will see how to get adsense account approved:

Once you've connected you domain to blogger, next you have to write some post which is main headache for everyone. But don't worry Just Pick any Book, magazine or newspapers and write posts from that book or whatever source you have. You need to write about 20 - 25 Articles to get approved in first attempt. Yes, there are some blog which gets approved in 4-5 posts also but don't take any risk. It will only take 1-2 days to write 20-25 articles. And yes don't forget to check that your content are not already on web or not. If the content you are going to write articles which already on web then your application is not going to approved. So what you have to do is 

Check contents using Plagiarism Checker

How to Check Content Already Exist On Web?

Open your Notepad >> Write one paragraph ( 250 words ) >> Copy that content >> Open above link >> Paste text in desired field >> Solve Captcha >> Check Now.


Once you found content are 100% Unique then Start Writing articles without any worry.

After Completing 20-25 Articles you have to make your blog visible on various search engine so you have to verify you URL using Google webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool and Yandex webmaster tools. If you don't know how to verify then visit below link I have mention everything there.

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Now you have done almost everything!!! Now Just wait for some days and check out blogger dashboard earning tab when you will see signup button just follow instruction and submit adsense forum.

You will recieve adsense approve mail within 48 hours.