How To Submit Sitemap To Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster tools

Submitting XML Sitemaps to various search search engine by the help of webmaster tools. Getting traffic from search engine is dream for all bloggers or webmasters. If your blog receiving traffic from search engine then your 70% of problem is solved in blogging carrier because it help us to earn money as well as can take our blog to peak. But as we all know there are thousand of blogs are their with same topic then how can our blog gets traffic from search engine? Simple answer for this question is if you have blog with unique content and then you have done 80% of your work because google bot and other search engine bots looks for unique content and keywords. But these bot only crawl your website when you submit sitemap for indexing. If you don't know how to submit sitemaps to search engine then go through this post below.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

To submit sitemap to google webmaster tools first thing is to verify site with google console. So follow below steps for full tutorial:-

1. Click here to go to Google Webmaster tools Console

2. After that login with your gmail Account

3. Add Property >> Type your Domain name >> Add.

4. Select >> Copy Meta Tag >> Paste it to your webpage inside <body> tag.

5. Verify!!

6. Once your site get verified >> Click on Your Property

7. Then Click on Crawl >> Sitemap >> Add sitemap >> and then Type your XML Link. (e.g.

8. Enjoy!! You've Submitted Sitemap for Indexing.

Note:- If you are using blogger then simply type sitemap.xml there it will automatically generates sitemap and added. If you are using Wordpress then Create Sitemap with Plugins and then you will get the sitemap link.

How to Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools

To Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster tools you need to verify site and then submit sitemap. You need to create bing account in order to use bing console.

1. First of all Go to Bing Webmaster tools

2. Add url of your Site not sitemap link

3. After that Verify your blog or website with meta tag as you have done earlier.

4. Then >> Configure My Site >>  Sitemap >> Submit sitemap.

5. Done!!!

Note:- If you are using blogger platform then you need to update sitemap if you are keep on adding posts on your blog. If you are wordpress user then you don't have to do anything.

How to Submit Sitemap to Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex is another search engine and my favorite because my blog receive most of the traffic from yandex :). Most of newbie don'y aware about yandex but trust me friends it will work better then google and bing. Follow below steps to submit sitemaps to yandex search engine.

1. First of all go to Yandex Webmaster tool console

2. login with Facebook, gmail and other social media accounts or signup with your email.

3. After that >> Add Site ( clicking on Plus Icon ) >> Add Meta Tags to your blog>> Verify.

4. Then >> Indexing >> Sitemap  File >> Submit Sitemap >> Add.

5. Done!!! You've submitted sitemap to yandex webmaster tools.


Submitting Sitemap for indexing doesn't mean you will start getting traffic instantly. It take some time to get indexed in search engine and once your keywords start showing in search result you will start gaining traffic. Verifying meta tag doesn't mean that you will get traffic but its just a process which verify the owner of that site or blog. If you face any issue in submitting sitemap then feel free to comment below.