How To Make Your PC Talk To You

We all know PC is one of the best way of entertainment, we can watch movies, listen to musics, play games and do lots of work. But today I am going to share a simple method which will make your pc talk to you. Yes, Now you pc is going to speak whatever you type. To make this happen follow below steps:

Make Your Windows PC Talk

1. Copy Below Codes --v

Dim text, sapi
text=inputbox("enter text to be spoken")
Set sapi=Createobject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak text

2. Now Open Your Notepad and paste above code

3. Save file with extension .vbs

Note: You can choose any name but extension must be .vbs

4. Now open file

5. You will se Input field there where you have to type anything and your pc will give you output in audio.

Note: Trick Only work on your Windows OS based PC

Enjoy!! this trick and stay tuned for such interesting PC tricks.