How To Create MySQL Database And User with Full Privileges

MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) based on Structured Query Language (SQL). LAMP is a Web development platform that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the relational database management system and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language.

How to Create MySQL Database

1. First of all login to Cpanel

2. Click On MySQL Database Wizard as shown in Image Below

3. Now Type any name for your database example: db_hero, db_hello and then create User example user_hero, user_hello for data base of any name and type password 

4. Now last Step tick the box privilage 

5. Done!!

This is how you can create database and user with full Privileges. Still have any issue then comment below.
Thankyou ( Jai Hind) :)