Best Blogging Platforms For You Blogger vs Wordpress vs Tumblr

If your are planning to create a blog then first thing comes in our mind is that which platform is best for blogging. If you are newbie and don't have enough knowledge then obviously you will opt for free platform to gain some knowledge and then later go for advance things. Therefore you need to look for good and reliable blogging platform so that your can easily work and learn more about blogging. So if you are looking for such platform then I will say you have lots of choice available to you and those platform are chosen by thousands of bloggers even me ;) . Below you will see some platform and there features which will help you to determine the best blogging platform for you.

Blogging Platform With Their Features:

1. Blogger: If you are searching for blogging platform where you can start blogging without any knowledge then blogger will be the best according to me because there features such as drag and drop, widgets makes it easy to handle any kind of blog. If you don't have knowledge about HTML then also you can opt this platform. Below you will find blogger features:

- Drag and drop widgets
- One click template change
- Simple dashboard
- Add external codes in widgets easily
- Customize templates
- Mobile friendly templates are available
- Upload custom templates
- Can handle huge visitors without site down issue
- Insert Youtube videos in your post easily
- No plugins required
- No need to pay for hosting
- Create free blog with sub-domain ( )
- Secure
- Monetize with Ads Networks
- Easy to Apply for Adsense

Click here to visit Blogspot

2. Wordpress: One of the best blogging platform for both newbie as well as professionals. Wordpress provide lots of features which are amazing and help you in creating blog, website of your choice. You can create free as blog and websites here with the help of plugins which are available on your dashboard. If you want to add custom domain to wordpress then you can do so in wordpress for doing such thing you need to buy their hosting plan or you need hosting then you can install wordpress and then you can use your custom domain with wordpress. If you have money then you can choose wordpress. Below you will find wordpress features:

- One click theme change
- Thousands of plugins available
- Dashboard
- Lots of widgets available
- Upload Custom Theme and Plugins
- Import videos from any sites
- Need good hosting to handle traffic
- Free and Paid Both
- Create free blog with sub-domain ( )
- Monetize with ads networks
- Secured

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3. Tumblr: Social based blogging platform where you can do your social work such as following peoples, chatting, sharing etc. Here you can create blog for free but if you want to earn money from blog then tumblr is not good choice because its hard to monetize tumblr blog. Lots of theme are available to create beautiful blog. If you want to start carrier in blogging then its not good choice according to me. Below you will find tumblr features:

- One Click theme change
- Dashboard
- Social blog
- Upload Videos and Images
- Tough to monetize
- Create blog for free
- Secured
- Free blog with sub-domain ( )

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If you want to create blog and don't want to spend money then you must choose blogger. If you want to create pro blog then go for wordpress but if you wan to do time pass then go for tumblr :P. According to me blogger is good choice for any newbie because it help blogger to gain knowledge as well as you can earn money from here by monetizing you blog with affiliate sites or ads network such as CPM, CPC, PPC and other. If you choose wordpress and don't have enough knowledge then don't waste time and money go for blogger get some experience and then later on migrate your blog to wordpress. :)